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That's a wrap for 2020!

Hi Adventurers!

I know it's a bit early for end of year thoughts, but for us, it's that time! Due to scheduling conflicts and other obligations, I've had to cut the season just a bit short this year. I know a lot of you were waiting for one more class before the holidays, but alas, we'll meet again in the new year!

What a year it's been! With the pandemic and fires, it's been a year of challenges, false starts, patience and adaptability.

Even still, I had the pleasure of teaching a bunch of you all and watching you go from timid motorcyclists to confident trail rippers and off road adventurers.

Hopefully those who were looking for a class will join me again in the spring. And for those who are continuing on to explore new trails and adventures, send me an update and let me know what you've been up to! I love to hear from you guys.

To everyone, safe travels and happy riding! I'll see you all again in the spring!

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