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Best Adventure and Dual Sport Gloves: Mechanix M-Pact

The mechanix M-pact gloves are great for adventure and dual sport riding due to their rugged construction and comfortable fit. Though Mechanix gloves are designed primarily as work gloves, the same features that make them such great work gloves also make them great adventure gloves for on and off road riding, as well as being handy around the camp site once the riding is done for the day.

The M-pact gloves in particular provide a bit more protection than regular motorcross gloves in that they have added padding in the palms as well as rubber impact material along the knuckles.

The Mechanix M-Pact glove is best suited for fair weather to hot weather riding. They’re comfortable enough to be worn all day and I've never feel like my hands are getting too hot or sweaty that I need to take them off and air them out like some gloves. They are not waterproof and tend to hold moisture if they get wet, so for rainy or wet conditions, these may not be the best. Similarly, though they are thick enough to keep your hands warm in the cold, I would not recommend them for long cold rides without hand warmers. For longer cold weather rides, a thicker winter glove would be more suited.

These gloves are affordable. You can find them from retailers at around the $20-$30 price point, which is cheaper than many MX gloves that don’t provide nearly as much durability and protection. They're also cheaper than gloves marketed towards the adventure riding segment, though they don't compare in features, like waterproofing, warmth, or hard knuckle armor. For mostly offroad days, I prefer the Mechanix over anything else. For longer touring days that might involve cold or wet conditions, then dedicated adventure gloves are preferred.

After arriving at your destination and off the bike, these gloves are useful for preparing the campsite, hauling firewood, clearing rocks, etc. making them a true dual purpose glove.


  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Dual purpose for riding and campsite prep

  • Affordable


  • Not water proof

  • Not great for cold weather

  • Not as much protection as other dedicated motorcycle gloves

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for affordable riding gloves that offer protection with all day comfort, these gloves fit the bill. As a primary glove for fair weather and off road riding or as a backup pair for longer journeys, these are a great choice.

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