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Lots to be Thankful for!

It's been an amazing first season of coaching and there's a lot to be thankful for!

First of all, congrats to all the students who've ventured into the dirt and gotten the confidence to ride off road. It was a pleasure for me to see everyone progress from being a little unsure of the dirt in the morning to riding confidently on the trails by the afternoon!

For myself, I've learned a lot this year about how to get the word out about classes and running the logistics of a small business. I've still got a lot to learn and am excited to keep growing and getting more people out riding!

A special thank you to everyone who has supported me and given me confidence to make these classes happen. This school wouldn't exist without all the people behind me.

This year I've gotten to work with lots of great people to help with logistics of setting up classes and business. Thank you to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for running the DirtBike School program and helping coaches get certification and making insurance and materials so easy to set up. Thanks to the rangers at Carnegie SVRA who help me schedule classes and use their training area. They love seeing new people ride and safe riders make their days easier.

A shout out to the people on the local forums who've promoted and asked questions and spread the word about classes and the school.

Finally a thank you to the students who've taken the chance to get out of their comfort zones and given me the opportunity to coach and introduce them to dirt riding. I've learned a lot through the classes myself and hope to get even better as a coach to help all the future riders who come through the school.

Lots more to come next year!

In addition to adult classes, I'm hoping to get smaller kid friendly motorcycles to meet the needs of so many inquiries about kids classes. If anyone out there has access to small bikes (50cc-125cc) that we might purchase or rent, please let me know!

Hoping also to put together some sort of mini-adventure rally for beginner adventurers which would include the beginner class followed by a couple days of moto-camping and dirt roads down the coast.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and Happy Adventuring with friends and family!

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